Patients commonly have corneal grafts for the management of progressed keratoconus, but they can also be used for treating other problems such as corneal dystrophies, or following trauma to the cornea.

A portion of your cornea is replaced with donor corneal tissue. There are a few variations to the type of procedure which is undertaken and this depends on the indications for surgery.

Prescription & assessment

Following your corneal transplant and once the graft has healed your prescription will then be assessed. If your prescription is atypical in nature and cannot be corrected for with glasses alone, you can be fitted with a contact lens.

Fitting process

These lenses are of a specialist nature and need careful fitting so as not to disturb /damaged your corneal graft. Again, these lenses are most commonly fitted in the Hospital Eye Service.

Rebecca, our specialist optometrist, has worked in this service for many years (at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital) and has a lot of experience in fitting these types of contact lens.

If you are interested in having these lenses fitted privately then please book an appointment with us by calling 0161 947 2720 or getting in touch to book a consultation.