There are many options available when it comes to using contact lenses. The most widely used are soft disposable contact lenses. 

The main choices are:

    • Daily disposable contact lenses – these are used once daily then disposed of after use and a new fresh lens is used the next day. 
    • Fortnightly disposable contact lenses - these are a variation of the monthly disposable lenses but are changed every 2 week 
    • Monthly disposable contact lenses – these are re-used daily but are cleaned with a solution once daily. They are then disposed of after one month and a new lens used. This cycle is then repeated.

What’s right for me?

The reasons for choosing different lens options are varied and are best discussed with your optometrist on the day of fitting as there are advantages and disadvantages of each lens design.

Contact lenses can be used to correct most optical (refractive) problems including patients that need multiple visual corrections e.g. glasses for distance, intermediate distance and for reading.

Other lens options

We also have other lens options for patients with higher optical (refractive errors/glases prescriptions). These can be soft lenses as described above but we can also use rigid lenses (hard or gas permeable lenses) which have a little more scope and are bespoke to the patient.

They are not the most widely used lenses however, as the lens is made of a rigid plastic material which initially can be more uncomfortable to wear. These lenses are widely used within the Hospital Eye Service due to the advantage of being able to correct higher more complicated prescriptions. The initial discomfort does improve following a trial wear period of up to 4 weeks.