As part of a contact lens assessment Rebecca, our specialist optometrist, will have a discussion about your lifestyle, hobbies, interests, sporting activities and work requirements in order to decide which type of contact lens will be the best option for you.

Depending on how often you decide to wear your contact lenses, your prescription and the size, shape and health of your cornea, are factors which are also taken into consideration when selecting a contact lens.

You will be examined to ensure you do not have any eye problems that prevent satisfactory and safe contact lens wear e.g. a dry eye problem.

During your appointment

After the above discussion and after the appropriate eye measurements have been taken you will then have a contact lens gently placed onto your eye. This will show you how comfortable the lens is and also the ease and simplicity of insertion. This contact lens may need further adjustments to the prescription or fitting which can also be done at this stage.

Rebecca will then using a slit lamp microscope to assess the fit of the contact lens on the eye.

After this the contact lens will be removed and if you are happy to proceed the appropriate lenses will be supplied or ordered in if necessary.

Post appointment and fitting

Before taking your lenses for a trial (usually 12 weeks) you will be shown how to insert and remove the lenses yourself. You will also be shown the appropriate care régime and advised of the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of contact lens wear.

Your trial of contact lenses allows you to take them away and try them in the comfort of your own home.

An aftercare appointment 12 weeks later is then required to complete your fitting. You will attend the appointment with your contact lenses in and they will be re-assessed to ensure the fitting and prescription is appropriate but also that your eye has had no adverse reactions to lens wear and that you are happy with them.

Your fitting is now complete. You can start a supply of contact lenses but you will be expected to attend regular aftercare appointments, usually on a 3 monthly then 6 monthly then 12 monthly basis. This can vary depending on the lens type, wear schedule and the health of your eyes and eyelids.