Dry Eye/Blepharitis

Dry eye is a common eye condition that often causes eye irritation and discomfort. For most patients it can be readily treated with a variety of lubricating drops, gels or ointments. View this section for more information on treatments and causes. Read more on Dry Eye/Blepharitis


Myopia, commonly known as shortsight, is a condition where the light that enters the eye focusses in front of the retina. Read more on Myopia


Hypermetropia (or hyperopia), commonly known as long sight or long sightedness, is a condition or refractive error in which light that enters the eye focusses behind the retina. Read more on Hypermetropia


Astigmatism is a condition of the eye which causes images to be blurred at all distances. Read more on Astigmatism


Presbyopia is a condition of the eye whereby over time the eye has increasing difficulty focussing on near objects. Read more on Presbyopia

Visual fields

Visual fields is a term to describe the physical objects and light sources in the external world that fall on the retina. Read more on Visual fields

Retinal photography

This is a process that allows for the photography of retinal and ocular structures. Read more on Retinal photography