Visual field’ is the term used to describe the physical objects and light sources in the external world that fall on the retina.

Visual Fields testing is used in Optometry and Ophthalmology to determine whether diseases of the eye or retina are affecting our visual field. This type of test can aid diagnosis if certain eye conditions and also is important feature in our ability to hold a driving liscense.

You can read more about the DVLA fitness to drive here.

A visual field test measures what ‘side’ vision you have. It is a machine which shows a series of lights at different levels of brightness in your visual field and you press a button for each light seen. This is quick and painless and provides us with a map of your visual field.

What you need to do

At our practice we use the gold standard in visual field testing (or ‘perimetry’), the Humphrey Visual Field Analyser. This aids us in diagnosing and monitoring a range of conditions such as glaucoma and also helps to assess visual fields in accordance with DVLA standards.