When renewing your licence and/or if you have been diagnosed with a specific eye condition such as glaucoma, the DVLA will often request a vision screening assessment which ensures you meet the recommended requirements to continue driving.

For Group/Class 1 ordinary driving licence holders the current required visual standards are as follows: 

  • The ability to read in good light (with the aid of glasses or contact lenses if worn) a registration mark fixed to a motor vehicle:
  • At a distance of 20.5 metres for a plate of pre 1/9/2001 font (57mm wide)
  • At a distance of 20 metres for a plate of post 1/9/2001 font (50mm wide)

You also have a minimum requirement for your visual fields.

You must have a minimum field of 120 degrees horizontally and 20 degrees above and below fixation. This can be measured binocularly on our gold standard visual field machine. 

What to expect

At Eye2c we also offer fitness to drive testing under DVLA guidance. These tests are quite simple to perform and they require a measurement of your corrected visual acuity, and also a visual field test which checks your peripheral vision.

What happens next?

The results can then be collated and given to the DVLA upon request. For Group/Class 2 professional drives the visual acuity tests are slightly more specific. We also offer screening for these professional drivers here.