Glaucoma is an eye disorder that causes damage to the optic nerve at the back of the eye. This damage causes visual field loss (areas missing to the side of your vision.)

This damaged is ‘usually’ but not always caused by raised intra-ocular pressure. If left untreated glaucoma can lead to blindness. It is usually treated with drops although some patients require laser treatment or surgery.

What to expect

As part of the assessment you will have a detailed assessment of your eyes. Your eye pressure will be checked along with your central corneal thickness. These measurements are quick effective and pain free.

Your pupils will be dilated with drops and your optic nerves will be checked in detail. Photographs will also be taken of your optic nerves (optic disc). Your visual fields will also be tested and after a review of all the results a diagnosis will be made.

If you are found to have glaucoma you will then be referred to an ophthalmologist. If you are not found to have glaucoma then you will be re-referred back to your own optician for regular review.

What happens next?

Any patient within the Greater Manchester area who is suspected to have glaucoma will now be referred to a glaucoma accredited optometrist instead of being referred directly to Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. This is to ensure that patients attending the hospital clinics are confirmed to have glaucoma requiring treatment rather than a spurious high intraocular pressure reading from their own optician.

Rebecca Rietdyke, our optomerist. is specially accredited to provide this service.