It is important to ensure whilst working with VDU equipment that you have the best correction for your vision.

Our practice provides VDU screening following guidance from the Health and Safety Regulations for Display Screen Equipment DSE.

What to expect

As part of the VDU screening certain aspects of your working practice must be assessed as well as your eyes.

The Working Distance is important. This is a measurement taken from your position to the VDU screen. Your glasses prescription may need to be adapted depending on how far away your VDU screen is.

Screen Height – It is recommended to have your VDU screen just below eye level. This is to ensure an appropriate posture as well as an appropriate spectacle prescription. Often you will need to wear spectacles called varifocals which have an intermediate prescription in the middle portion of the lens. This focuses naturally just below eye level.

Phorias — Phorias are eye muscle imbalances that can cause eye discomfort. As part of your VDU screening your eye muscles will be examined in detail and any problems corrected within your glasses.

Visual Fields — Although visual fields do not normally cause a problem with VDU use, large disturbances to your fields caused by certain eye diseases can make using a VDU difficult and uncomfortable.

What happens next?

An employer is obliged to provide spectacles for a VDU user if he/she requires a different prescription or type of lens for VDU use than his/her normal everyday spectacles. They are not obliged to pay towards any fashion element of the spectacles but must cover the basic costs.