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Expect a 40 minute appointment to allow for our Optometrists to provide a thorough and detailed examination of your eyes

At Eye2c we provide the highest standard of eyecare. Forty minute appointments are in contrast to the shorter times given at many other practices.

What to expect during your eye test.

History and Symptoms

The optometrist will ask a number of questions to asses if there are any visual symptoms and tailor the test around your needs/concerns. There will be questions surrounding your general health and medications taken as there can be side effects from these within the eyes. Family history is also important as some eye conditions e.g Glaucoma, can be inherited.

Checking refractive error/need for glasses.

The optometrist will then use various techniques to check the muscle balance of the eyes. Some patients especially children can present with a turn in the eye due to an eye muscle problem.

Your refractive status will also be assessed to see if any glasses are required and if your are myopic/hyperopic/Presbyopic… link the myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia astigmatism etc..

Ocular Health

Following the above the optometrist will then use a light to check to structures of your eye. Starting with the front surface and lens (checking for cataract etc..) to the posterior/back surface to check your retina in detail.

Other investigations

There are many other elements to the sight test which are tailor made to each patient’s needs.

We assess the following:

Eye pressure - This is usually measured using a tonometer which gives a small puff of air into each eye to measure the intra-eye pressure. This is important in the detection of Glaucoma among other ocular conditions.

Visual Fields - We assess the visual fields which is an indication of what you can see to the side of your vision. See link…

Retinal Photography - Photographs of the retina can also be taken during the sight test. This is a good way of recording the retinal structures for future reference.